The Little People Party produce events that are fanciful and fun with an eye for the details that make an event shine for the children and pleasurable (even relaxing!) for the adults. I love working with them because they always come up with ways to enhance my programming, whether it is adding *bubble machines* for magical musical moments, or giving me enough room to use my lasso while they line up a band of bouncy horses… it’s a lot of fun.

Hopalong Andrew

Singing Urban Cowboy

We had a great time. The large space allowed for lots of play room. Parent and child can come and go as pleased on the same day, which gives a chance to feed the child.

Alexandra C

I loved The Little People, from the moment I walked in they greeted me and my daughter with such kindness. There were a great variety of toys so my daughter was never bored. That made her day as she ran all over the room. We were the last ones to leave, that’s what a great time we had!

Leora E.

I brought my 3 yo and 9.5m old and both enjoyed it so much! My 3 yo didn’t want to leave and asked if we could come back later!! Just so nice to let them run free and not worry too much!

Shannon R.

Always a great time for the kids and parents! Huge space, great toys, great company and staff. Highly recommend!!

Anita C.

We had an awesome time here with my 15 month old and his friends. It is good for babies up to at least 2 yr old I think. A great place for your toddlers to run around while you catch up with your friends. We were even able to get food delivered and eat off the turf and the tables. And of course you can get some adult drinks from the bar next door! Win win!

Ashwani V.