The Little People Party

The Little People Party is a children’s entertainment company that distinguishes itself from the competition by making fun a priority for all. We offer toys, music and games for even the littlest of people, ranging from ages 6 months up to 12 years and beyond. Trailblazing the industry with their “pop up tot party” residency at an indoor soccer field in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,  the concept for The Little People Party was born out of a genuine need. As new parents living in North Brooklyn, husband and wife team Andy and JD were inspired by their toddler, Jarvis: He needed a larger indoor space for weekly socialization and play, and they needed to have a more hip environment for them instead of the stale play spaces that become very boring for parents day after day. The idea of meeting and mingling with other parents who also need a safe, stimulating, affordable, fully inclusive outlet for their children is the driving force behind The Little People Party.

Jenna “JD” Dosch comes from a long line of New Yorkers and is an Event Planner who has worked for many esteemed venues such as The Park, The Bowery Hotel, Milk and Roses, Brooklyn Bazaar, and Crown Victoria. She’s planned weddings at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and her clients include the owner of TheKnot.com and Keith Murray from We Are Scientists and has had events written up by the New York Times Style section. In her downtime (what downtime?!) loves to park hop with her son, Jarvis, go on NYC adventures, sing karaoke, and watch Shark Tank while answering emails.

Her husband, Andy Shaw, owns award winning national street marketing company, SHAW Promotion, currently plays bass in two local bands Bikini Carwash and Love Always, and can be seen cruising the hood (and the country!) riding around on his motorcycles and skateboarding.

I never expected to go from ‘nightlife to dad life,’ but as new parents, you adapt to your family’s needs. After exploring all the daily entertainment options for our small child, we decided that we, as parents, craved a more engaging experience, which is how The Little People Party brand was born.

Andy Shaw

Co-Founder, The Little People Party